Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs 2019

At Kinder Surprise World, we’re delighted to announce that this year’s range of Maxi Eggs have rolled in just in time for Easter! Take a look at the eggciting collection of Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs we have in store for you.

These delicious treats are available in three different sizes, with a wide range of themes, catering for all tastes and appetites. Choose how much chocolate you want to get your hands on with a 150g, 220g and 320g sizes all up for grabs.


What’s different about Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs?

For those new to the world of Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs, these amazing treats are larger, limited edition eggs that are released in a new range every year. With special themes chosen for each Maxi Egg, you can enjoy a rare collectible in your Kinder Surprise Maxi Egg.

Each egg is still comprised of the same delicious blend of milk chocolate coating and white chocolate interior (albeit in a larger quantity), allowing you to enjoy the truly heavenly Kinder chocolate you’ve come to know and love over the years.

Where Maxis differ is that inside the giant eggs, you’ll find a giant surprise toy, much rarer than those you’d find in your standard supermarket Kinder Eggs. These giant toys are some of the year’s most sought-after collectibles and are typically themed after popular cartoons, TV shows, superheroes or movies.

If you’re stuck for which eggs to buy for your kids this Easter, then look no further than our range of Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs. You’ll be sure to find the perfect egg for your little boy or girl with our selection, which are all some of the rarest and most in-demand treats of the year.


Top picks from our Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs 2019

While we stock a wide range of different Maxi Egg themes in their various sizes, here are just a few of the wonderful selection we have on offer.

Our 150g eggs include a Miraculous Ladybug edition. This is the perfect Maxi Egg for girls that love the animated series and would love to find a themed toy inside. Whether your little girl is a fan of Ladybug or Cat Noir, you can be sure they’ll love their Miraculous Ladybug themed egg. For boys, we stock a Mario Kart Kinder Maxi Egg which will no doubt have them racing to open their delicious chocolate egg and find their toy. At 150g, these eggs are much bigger than the standard Kinder Eggs and could be the perfect addition to your family’s Easter Egg hunt this year.

In our collection of even larger 220g eggs, we have a Minions-themed Maxi Egg. The ideal gift this Easter, this large Maxi Egg is hugely popular with boys, girls and anyone who loves the Despicable Me movies. If you don’t want to be as evil as Gru, you might want to consider getting a Minions Egg for your own Easter Egg hunt!

We are also delighted to announce the arrival of the giant 320g Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs. These huge Easter Eggs are available in two different themes. With both a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles egg and a Barbie edition, we’ve got some truly eggciting eggs for boys and girls this Easter.


Those were just a few of the hugely popular and delicious Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs we have on offer in 2019. All of these eggs are nigh on impossible to find on the UK high street, making them in very high demand. So, go all out this Easter and surprise your family with one of our Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs. Whichever size or theme you go for, these massive chocolate eggs are an amazing treat that will surprise and delight anyone who finds them!